We at NFPA has modern and novel entrant in the field of illumination of emergency EXIT/ Fire Exit sings that mark the life saving Exit/ Way finding paths for Emergency Evacuation, General Safety and caution warning in public buildings, hospitals, factories, auditoriums, theaters, hotels, subways, motels, banks, garages, offices, schools, restaurants, warehouse etc.  \When accidents and power outages lead to sudden black-outs, even normally familiar surroundings turn into unknown hostile terrain, leading to sheer panic and confusion as escape routes are no longer visible. Fire Extinguishers, fuse boxes, valves and other important cannot be located. with each precious second lost, sheer panic turns to stampede and the risk to life increases manifold.

Flexible sheet

Flexible is a self-adhesive flexible sheet which can be fixed on any surface which is used for fixing on fire extinguisher or any round and uneven surface where rigid cannot be used.

Rigid Sheet

A robust and durable self-adhesive sheet which can be fixed on any surface most suitable for indoor signs.

Aluminium Sheet

For use where industrial durability and quality is required. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use.


Emergency Lighting

Emergency Lighting and Emergency exit signs light up and mark the emergency exit routes, even the power supply fails. The minimum back up duration of exit signs and emergency lighting generally between 1 and 3 hours. This emergency lighting and signs have internal batteries with 3 hours backup duration. self contained emergency lights and exit signs are classified according to their mode of operation.

Emergency Lighting and Emergency Exit Signs


The integral battery, in the event of mains power failure, will automatically turn on the lamps. It will remain inactive during the normal mains supply. So, it is also known as standby.


In the event of Mains failure the lamps gets automatically switched to integral battery source and continues to be illuminated as the lamps are also energized during the normal mains supply.


In the event of mains power failure one of the lamps remain illuminated by automatically getting switched to the integral battery source meanwhile at least two or more lamp is energized during normal mains supply.

Centralised Emergency Lighting System

Centralized system can be activated in any mains operated equipment’s. It is advisable where collective emergency lighting has to be energized in the case of mains failure. I is a unit comprising of battery bank and single power converter, which converts battery voltage to 230V AC.