Personnel Protective Equipments



NFPA has experty in Providing comprehensive Solutions in PPE. In our PPE division we have safety and Emergency products available from ‘Head to Toe’.Personnel Fall Arrest System- In general, a complete PFAS consists of three main components:- ‘Anchorage’, ‘Body Support’ and ‘Connections. In order to desired level of Protection, each of the components must be in place and properly used.

Head Protection:- Light weight, easily adjustable, sizing system, for individual head sizes cater g to every individual need. Innovative shell design and confortable fitting, simple adjustments yet stable and robust. Wide range of Helmets providing choice for many, Integrated and optimally designed for protection and confirm. this helmets perfectly fits with other PPEs like earmuff and face shields enhancing the level of protection.

Features include, Temperature resistant, Strong and durable, Richet fit, Air ventilation, lightweight and recyclables.

Hearing Protection:- Ear muffs available in various features like, Lightweight earmuff to filter hazardous noise. No exposure to metal parts, Adjustable ear-cups or personnel adjustment by simply sliding the cups up and down, soft foam-filled cushions and large ear cup opening to provide greater protection and comfort.

Eye and Face Protection:-Google’s that wrap around lens and frame designed for optimal eye and vicinity protection. Light weight and universal fit allowing long time wearer comfort, guarantying wearer acceptance. Optically neutral lens resistance to knocks, scratches and radiation, high quality anti fog lens coating. Application based multiple lens color, ventilation in covered goggles for fresh airflow, compatible face shields suitable design and range.

Features include- Light weight, 99.9% UV protection, Scratch resistant Coating, Anti-fog coating, Chemical Splash Protection, High Impact resistant.

Work wear:-Coverall, Jacket and Trouser, Apron, long coat and Lab coat, leg guard, disposable garments, Fire Suits, etc. with Kevlar, Nomex, 100% cotton, Alumised fabric, Heat and flame retardant, breathable, confortable, High heat and tensile resistance, radiant and contact heat protection and stringently complying with established EN norms. Reflective Jackets, Reflective west, reflective 3sided open jackets, reflective cross belt etc. available with us.

Hand Protection:-Hand gloves- Mechanical strength, anatomical shape and improved wearer comfort enhancing productivity. Highly breathable, flexible, outstanding dexterity and secure grip and hence tough, reliable and easy to service. Useful fibers for mechanical and high temperature risks, coatings for chemical risks. greater resistance time, abrasion-resistant, appropriate cut level, heat insulation.

Features include- Workable at oily environment, Chemical resistant, Abrasion, Cut-resistant, Anti-static, Dexterity, Having full grip, heat resistant.

Foot Protection:- Safety Shoes- PU, Rubber, PVC, Durby, High Ankle, Gumboots, ultra light modern executive shoes, sporty look making sure that it is tough, reliable and easy to service. Optimum cushioning and shock absorbing heel, Impact resistant toe cap, Anti-static sole, Optimal duration oil and chemical resistant providing maximum resilience and minimum weight. Having shoes for special application based like High heat resistant time and non metallic toes for electrical applications, penetration resistant sole to provide total protection at all times. Compliant to EN and Is guidelines.

Special featured shoes available- Oil resistant outsole, Water resistant upper, 200 joule steel toe cap, Anti-skid, Anti-static, Puncture resistant steel mid sole, Energy absorption EVA heel, Dual density sole unit, Heat resists outsole.