The precautions to prevent potentially harmful fires, surviving and reducing the damage caused by emergencies.

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Fire Extinguishers

ABC Powder, DCP Powder,
Clean Agent, Water-Foam,
K Type(F-class) Metal Fire.




Fixed Fire Protection and Detection system

Fixed Fire Protection and Detection system Sprinkler System,Fire Hydrent,Head Protection,Fire Suppression System,Local Fire Suppression,Total Fire Suppression,Passive Fire Protection





Personal Protective Equipment


Personal Protective Equipment Face Protection, Body Protection Eyes Protection, Ear Protection Foot Protection, Hand Protection, Head Protection






General Safety Products

Road Safety
Electrical safety
Flammable safety storage Spillage Control
Fall Protection
Log out Tag out
Gas Monitors



Emergency Management Products

Fire Suits Fireman Accessories, First Aid Kit Evacuation Chairs, Fire escape strips Strectures







Emergency Escape Route plan and Signages

Evacuation Plan Direction Signs, Warning signs Mandatory signs, Site safety Signs, Safety Slogans and posters, Prohibition






Electronic Security Products

Analog CCTV camera, IP CCTV camera,  Access control System,  PA System Attendance System, Video Door phones, Video Door phones